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Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra

Job Opening | 2024-25 Season


  • Lead the first violin section in rehearsals and performances

  • Dictate bowings and other technical aspects of the first violin part and the string section at large if requested by the conductor 

  • Play orchestral violin solos 

  • Help communicate the conductor's ideas to the orchestra

  • Lead the orchestra in tuning before rehearsals and performances

  • Assist with aspects of the orchestra's management, such as recruiting new members Represent the orchestra in the community and making appearances on behalf of the orchestra when necessary


  • Master's degree in music performance or equivalent experience

  • Extensive experience playing in an orchestra

  • Excellent technical skills and musicianship

  • Strong leadership and communication skills

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Be available for all rehearsals and performances for the 2024-2025 Season. Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday daytime. Sunday Performance. Locations vary within the Greater Grand Forks area.


  • Compensation is $500 per main concert. Negotiable.

    • Concert 1: 10/6/2024

    • Concert 2: 12/15/2024

    • Concert 3: 3/2/2025

    • Concert 4: 5/11/2024

      • $35-$50 per rehearsal/performance for smaller events. Negotiable. 

        • Mid Fall Concert: November 2, 2024

        • Young Audiences Concert: April 1, 2025

        • Mid Spring Concert: April 5, 2025

  • Opportunity to work with nationally and internationally renowned musicians

  • Chance to make a significant impact on the musical life of the community

Required Repertoire

  • Concerto:

First movement of a major romantic or early modern concerto, such as Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Bruch, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, etc.


  • Unaccompanied Bach:

One movement of a Bach solo violin sonata or partita.

  • Orchestral Excerpts:

A selection of orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire and violin orchestral solos. The required excerpts are:

  1. Mozart Symphony #39 – Movt. II. (mm1-27) 

  2. Mozart Symphony #39 – Movt. IV. (mm1-85)  

  3. Rimsky Korsakov - Capriccio Spagnol - Mov. IV - Solo (11 measures before L)

To Apply

Please submit your resume and a cover letter to

Violin Performer

Current Openings

At this time we are not actively hiring. If you believe you have skills that could benefit the GGFSO as a Volunteer, Musician, or Potential Employee, feel free to email us at

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